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We Alfa Trans have the pleasure to introduce our selves to you in order to have a long standing mutually beneficial relationship with your good firm.

Company Profile

With its complete package of services Alfa Trans can provide in all your logistics requirements.
Our processes are fast, flexible and cost efficient.
For over 30 years, Alfa Trans has been a reliable partner for transport of all your goods that need special care.

Alfa Trans was the company formed by the young men trained in the right school for shipping and forwarding activities, our mother and holding co New Marine is in force since 1977 providing the most fair services to all ship owners and cargo owners as well, the knowledge of rules and persons are one of our strong points- the transparency and self confidence are the brands of our style is services.
We welcome and encourage you to put your company's interests in our safe hands.
Whenever your important trades are passing by Egyptian territories or directed to or from Egypt.

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